These are not pretty songs.  This is not a pretty album. 

This album is for all of us that feel betrayed or dissatisfied (or both) by society and the world in general.  'Resistance' is about empowerment, it's about feeling like a stranger in your own skin but knowing it's ok because you're not alone.  It's about kicking out at all the wrongs that we as a race commit to each other.  It's about standing up as one and letting the world know that we are here, we are everywhere and together we can fight back.

The novelty of an 'all female' band should have died out years, no, decades ago, in fact, it should never have been a novelty in the first place - why are we still having to prove ourselves as musicians?  This album is a call to arms to keep fighting for the right to be called a 'rock' band and not be defined by our gender.

Thank you to all the fearless, angry women who have been fighting and continue to fight for equality particularly within the music industry to move it away from its sexist and archaic views on female musicians.  Culture is what we make it - we must carry on their fight to change the rhetoric, we must engage and stand together.


​'Cumbria Today' (Profile)

​Cumbria Today is a new(ish) website that covers all things Cumbrian including the local music/art scene and they've added us to their band profiles!  

​You can check out our page (and the website) here



​'These are from Carlisle and are bloody good'

​Thanks to Hi-Fi Curious for featuring our track 'Post-Wave'!

'Ones to Watch 2017!' (Louder Than War)

We made it onto a list!!! Beyond chuffed and honoured to even get a mention!! Thank you so much Louder Than War!

You can read the full list here

2016 has been a funny and at times uncertain year for us...we started the year with a gig in London with a couple of friends helping us not knowing if we were going to be able to carry on as a 'band' then having Liz join us as our new drummer and adding something brilliant and solid to the band......since then we've opened the main stage at a festival, organised and hosted our first event ('Girls to the Front!'), and have started recording our debut album, and now we've been included on this list - what a great end to the year!

Thank you so so much to everyone that has supported us in any and every way imaginable - it really does mean everything to us!

​​What's new?


​We've just added some photo's from our Album Here ​to have a look!


​Here's a clip of us performing our track 'Post-Wave' from our forthcoming album.  The track was recorded during our 'Girls to the Front!' event.

​You can watch it here


​We sat down with Lauren Page from Cumbria Live for a chat about our upcoming album - You can read the full interview here

Live Photos!

We've just added some photo's from our Milecastle gig - check them out here!

"Tonight they play with an added ferocity and sharpness of sound..."

​Read the entire review here!


​Our track 'Starless' has been included on a compilation!!  It's been put together by the team at Cumbria Live and all proceeds go to local Hospices (St Mary's Hospice in Ulverston, Eden Valley Hospice in Carlisle, and Hospice at Home West Cumbria).  There's a MASSIVE 42 tracks (all local bands) for only £2!!!

You can download the entire album here

You can also read the full article which gives a bit more detail  here​​

***NEW ALBUM!!!***

​We've released an album! You can listen to/buy it here!


​'An album that will stand the test of time' - Louder Than War  (8/10)!!!

​Louder Than War have given us a great review of 'Resistance' - you can read the entire review here


'...inventiveness of early U2 with the aggressive riffing of Savages and Sleater-Kinney' 

​Read the full review here!

​We made it into the Top 10 on Reverbnation!